-brainstorm- (video 2017)


Falling or flying! 2017

‘’Falling or Flying’’
Images/ 2017
Variable size

With these images, I try to reflect an imaginary molecular bio process that I have intervened over images in forms of digital drawings who are reflected imaginary molecules in astronomical dimensions that are falling or flying together with humans in non pointed direction!



''Imagine imagine imagine an image of your future self''

My works in ''Imagine imagine imagine an image of your future self'' book with nine contemporary artists from Kosovo, that have been presented in Paris!

Today is the last day of Paris Internationale. Many great things happened during this week, among them the presentation of the publication "imagine imagine imagine, imagine an image of your future self" that was edited by us in the framework of the Kosovo in Unesco initiative. It features Astrit Ismaili, Brilant Pireva, Dardan Zhegrova, Have it, Flaka Haliti, Jakup Ferri, Kushtrim Zeqiri, Majlinda Hoxha and Petrit Halilaj, a fraction of the young contemporary art scene in Kosovo. This index shall give an introduction into these artists works whereby we wanted to accentuate the existence of manifold approaches, visual languages and topics of interests in this rather small but utmost vivid and very interesting art scene.
We want to thank the Kosovo in Unesco initiative for their support in bringing some of the artists featured in the publication to Paris to attend Paris Internationale so they can connect with the international art scene and see all the great art Paris has to offer!

Molecular Landscape - (DRAWINGS, Part II), 2014, 10 pieces 100x70 cm

Molecular landscape
To fantasy and to make art with supporting to a something that exists! Depth to the structures of molecules that make life, embedded with them and their imagining landscape and their composition in space interact in time, the entire universe without end, that minimum and maximum is what has excited me to make this series of drawings. These micro actions are very important because of those is made ''Great Landscape'' in which we live. A harmony in these structures is also a harmony in our inside and outside structures!
Kushtrim zeqiri

(video)''Autoportrait v2''


Even when I'm crooked, always have the right!

Kushtrim zeqiri 2013

(video)''Autoportrait v3''

Molecular landscape!

(video) ''Autoportrait''

When people talk about you, you rise up always in subjective form!
No matter as and why!

(video) Walking not walking!

Walking not walking!
Man does much!at least he try to do to much but sometimes he think that he do to much but in fact he does not anything!
It’s a problem that man think that he moved with her work,but he doesn’t see the  real fact that he are not moved in real form,but he can know for that but he moved again!
Appearance of this condition are show in this video,ladders symbolized challenges,and man!

(video) See it with open eyes cos' you could see it with shut eyes!

See it with open eyes cos' you could see it with shut eyes!
This title show one of phenomens of mans,when we start to look on a natyral light (like sun) or artificial light(lamp) over 5 sec, and when we closed our eyes, we could see a little spot and we could conducting or manipulate with that how we like it in every ways!
But here i was brought it to see you my spot with open eyes!
thats all!

(video) Does the soap wash hands or the hands wash soap?

Ready (photography)2012

Ready for!

Are you ready?
I am ready!
For what you are ready?

I am ready for you!
Are you ready just for me?
I am ready for all!

Tales nude 1 (Drawings on paper 70x50cm)

Tales nude 1
Drawings on paper 70x50cm


A Picture that is projected in the wall who reels from other factor, this show an abstract general concept who  reels an imaginary real rule
Exposed at the center for contemporary art ''Varg e vi'', Kosovo-Gjilan

Test 1,2...1,2(performance 2010)

Test 1,2...1,2
Performance in the courtyard of the Kosovo Art Gallery

Clown plays Elephant

Sand Sculpture festival, Rorschach Switzerland 2011
Kosovo Team
Kushtrim zeqiri & Bekim Korca